Article Writing Competition 2021

In light of our 71st Constitution Day, ACT PUBLIC WELFARE FOUNDATION is organizing an article writing competition in English, Urdu, Hindi and Telugu all across Telangana. The competition will be held in the age groups of 13-44 years as provided below along with the prize money.

Age Group

Category Of


Article SizeFirst, Second, Third Prize WinnerConsolation Prize
13-24 YearsSchool, College, Recent Graduates Students1000 – 1300 wordsCash Prize of Rs. 4000, Rs. 2000 and Rs. 1000. Each of the Top Three Winners will also awarded Trophy and a copy of “CONSTITUTION OF INDIA

There will be Twenty Five (25)

consolation prize winners and each winner will be awarded a copy of “CONSTITUTION OF INDIA

25-44 YearsEmployees and Freelancers1400 – 1700 wordsCash Prize of Rs. 5000, Rs. 3000 and Rs. 2000. Each of the Top Three Winners will also awarded Trophy and a copy of “CONSTITUTION OF INDIA

There will be Twenty Five (25)

consolation prize winners and each winner will be awarded a copy of “CONSTITUTION OF INDIA

Note: All the prize winners including consolation prize winners will receive a certificate.
Dates of the Contest:

  1. Entries can be submitted between 05th January 2021 to 26th January 2021
  2. Result by 15th February 2021

Technical Parameters: The participant should submit the written entries with the following technical parameters:

  1. Hand Written Articles must use Blue or Black Pen only
  2. PDF file format only (for email method).
  3. Using Text font size 12 among font type either Book Antiqua or Cambria or Times New Roman.
  4. The Line spacing would be 1.15,
  5. The Paper Margins allowing 1-inch margins on all four sides and justify text on both sides.

General Terms and Conditions

  1. Anyone can participate in the contest.
  2. Multiple entries by a person are not allowed.
  3. The language of the essay may be in Telugu, Urdu, Hindi or English.
  4. You must be the sole author and owner of the copyright of the content submitted and the same should not have been previously published in any print and digital media.
  5. The entry must not contain any provocative, objectionable or inappropriate content.
  6. APWF does not accept any liability for the publication of unlawfully reproduced contents.
  7. APWF takes no responsibility for corrupted or late entry.
  8. All the entries submitted by the contestants can be used by APWF on their social media or website.
  9. All candidates must submit their Article via email or in person or by courier at ACT PUBLIC WELFARE FOUNDATION (APWF) 302, 3rd Floor, Abbasi Tower, Errum Manzil, Hyderabad 500082 to participate in the competition. Article must be reached on or before 5:00 PM 26th January 2021
  10. The winner will be declared through email or by way of announcing his/her name on the APWF blog page. The result of the competition will also be uploaded on the website of the foundation .
  11. Winners will be announced on or before 15th Feb 2021. Prize money will be sent within one week of the announcement.
  12. The School, College, Recent Graduates Students are restricted to Schools/College, therefore along with the entries participant should also submit Student ID Card from the school/ institute where the participant is currently enrolled.
  13. The entries should include a separate cover page carrying the following personal information:
  14. Name of the participant
  15. Father/Mother Name
  16. Residence Address
  17. Mobile / Landline Numbers and
  18. Email Address
  19. All the entries received within the due date will be placed before a Selection Committee for final selection. The decision of the Selection Committee will be final and binding on all the contestants.

The essays will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria: a) Central Theme (20%) b) Coherence and Organization in Structure (20%) c) Creativity (40%) d) Clarity in Language, Expression and Style (20%)

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