What We Do

Bringing Dreams within Reach

We Support Children and Youth to Reach Their Full Potential

What We Do


— We Find & Fund

We believe that with the right support, the youth of our nation has power to change world. We find and invest in courageous, nascent organizations with bold ideas to meet children’s needs and engage them as leaders of the future.

— We Build Networks

Getting connected to right person or organization is essentially important. The right connection will ultimately lead to connections to NGO funding agencies, project consultants, corporations, and eventually a great number of donors.

— We Reach Unreached

our Prime objective is to provide healthcare to the underserved and the poor in the remote areas, APWF continues to serve the community it has been serving with renewed vigor and dedication.

— We Educate

to give under previlage children an opportunity to realize their potential as human beings, to develop whatever capacities they might have, and to make positive contribution to the communities to which they belong.

— We Provide Care

health promotion advice as well as treatment for ill health. We support the most needy people and their families when they are at their most vulnerable and when clinical expertise, care and compassion matter most.

— We Consult

We support, consult and guide to bring talented people from disadvantaged economic backgrounds to build and make a positive contribution in growth and development of the communities to which they belong.

What We Care For!

Healthy Communities and Families

APWF’s in the health sector work to improve access to quality health services for poor and marginalised communities. By identifying root causes of healthcare challenges, APWF works at individual, community and systemic levels to develop innovative solutions and help implement quality healthcare services.

The work with community groups, collaborative work with government and civil society organisations include cross-cutting strategies to improve the health and nutrition status of the poorest and excluded groups, particularly women and children.

Various areas of health care system delivery addressed by APWF’s projects include improving the quality of services for maternal and reproductive health, child health and nutrition,  early identification, treatment of communicable diseases such Tuberculosis (TB),  diarrhea and HIV.

Keys to a New Future for Girl Child

Education Program focuses on improving the conditions by which girls, especially those in the marginalized communities can access quality education. Education is an important tool that enables women and girls to participate in decisions that affect their lives and in improving their social status.

Following the enactment of the Right to Education Act by the Government, APWF has been actively engaged in several forums and consortiums along with other international agencies and the larger civil society to support the implementation of the Act in its true spirit.

Our Program is committed towards enabling effective implementation of education provisions and  policies for rights, entitlements and empowerment of girls from most marginalized sections of the society in safe and secure, inclusive and gender responsive environments.

Ensuring Sustainable Livelihood

APWF’s Livelihood project centre around women employees, business-women, smallholders & home workers belonging from poor & marginalised communities, with objective of empowering them with knowledge and enhanced access to inputs, services, technologies and opportunities. 

We focus on improving access and  control of women from marginalised communities over productive resources, opportunities, services; enhancing their food and nutrition security; and improving their abilities in climate change resilience.

To bring about holistic change in areas of resilience & nutrition, it is necessary to sustain resources for future. APWF’s work also focusses on building and enabling asset-base, knowledge, information on institutional entitlements & governance, to improve climate change resilience and nutrition security.

Finding a New Life—in a New Land

APWF advocacy initiatives aim to influence existing and upcoming policies to uphold, scale & sustain empowerment of women and girls from the most marginalized communities.

APWF engages with policy makers and builds relationships with key State and National level networks and alliances to build support for the marginalized communities.

APWF focuses on developing outcome-based thematic advocacy strategies for all the sectors APWF operates in.

Disaster Preparedness & Response

APWF considers disaster preparedness and response as a critical aspect of its organisational mandate and has a ‘Disaster Preparedness and Response Strategy’ in place.

APWF also maintains Emergency Response Teams at State and District levels in the country to be able to make timely decisions while deploying trained team members and of relief items stocks during emergencies.

Throughout the year, APWF partnered with various states to build their capacities on disaster preparedness and response, and carried out quick emergency response.

Building A Resilient Livelihoods

APWF focuses on building resilient livelihoods particularly by supporting communities to adapt, and to be prepared for any emergencies that may threaten their livelihoods and well-being in the future.

APWF’s resilience framework integrates livelihoods, disaster risk reduction, and climate change adaptation approaches under a single assessment framework.

This includes enhancing employability, leadership skills and capacities to take multiple ways of income to diversity risks, increasing awareness about Govt. schemes, climate information, improving access to markets and information.